IberSelect Iberia Food Fund

IberSelect Iberia Food Fund (ISIFF) invests in food and/or beverages related companies in Spain or Portugal.
The food chain

The food chain consist of the following businesses:

Brilliant business models in food

The commercial and social challenges of the food sector of the future are to profitably, scalable and sustainable offer affordable and healthy products.
ISIFF is interested to participating in companies meeting the following profile?

All ISIFF investments are meant for (international) growth and to increasing shareholders value.
The investment is not only in cash, but also in expertise. All partners/investors of ISIFF are or were senior executives in international business. They offer their expertise, management competences and networks in distribution channels. ISIFF can supply a non-executive director to the board.
In return for the investments ISIFF receives a share in the company reflecting the investments. A sale-back of the shares to the current owner(s) in 2-5 years’ time can be agreed.
In the case of preparation for a sale of the company, the current owner and ISIFF share the extra value created.



Olives, olive oils, vinegars
iberselect_food_group_Meat, Fish and Cheese

Meat, Fish and Cheese

Ham, pork, canned fish, cheese, Iberico


Fruit juices, wines, beer, non-alcoholic beer, energy drinks, spirits


Biscuits, chocolates, desserts, cookies, candy's
iberselect_food_group_Wheat products

Wheat products

Biscuits, bread, cookies, cereals, toast, pasta


Pudding, jelly, flour, cakes, cake mixes, corn, sticks


Allioli, mayonnaises, salads, seasoning
iberselect_food_group_Natural products

Natural products

Artichokes, tomatoes, peppers, onions, fruits, asparagus
iberselect_food_group_Diet products

Diet products

Calorie low products in many categories
iberselect_food_group_Jam & honey

Jam & honey

Jam, marmelade, honey, honey based natural products


Fruits conserves, vegetable conserves, fish conserves
iberselect_food_group_And so many others

And so many others

Readymade dishes, snacks, soups, coffee, cacao, nuts, spices, almonds