IberSelect fine food & beverages

IberSelect is the result of decades of experience in the branded, private label and non-branded food as well as in the beverages business. A period long enough to understand the unique diversity of natural products the Iberian peninsula offers, elaborated with upmost care by companies and families using the latest technologies.

The IberSelect team travelled Spain and Portugal from border to border to select a group of producers complementary to each other, all representing the quality and unique taste characterising  products  from this area. 
IberSelect enables products of the partner companies in Spain and Portugal to find their ways to distributors, importers and retailers from Australia to Canada and from Chili to Japan. In most cases products are available under the producers' brand name, under IberSelect label or under clients' private label.


Olives, olive oils, vinegars
iberselect_food_group_Meat, Fish and Cheese

Meat, Fish and Cheese

Ham, pork, canned fish, cheese, Iberico


Fruit juices, wines, beer, non-alcoholic beer, energy drinks, spirits


Biscuits, chocolates, desserts, cookies, candy's
iberselect_food_group_Wheat products

Wheat products

Biscuits, bread, cookies, cereals, toast, pasta


Pudding, jelly, flour, cakes, cake mixes, corn, sticks


Allioli, mayonnaises, salads, seasoning
iberselect_food_group_Natural products

Natural products

Artichokes, tomatoes, peppers, onions, fruits, asparagus
iberselect_food_group_Diet products

Diet products

Calorie low products in many categories
iberselect_food_group_Jam & honey

Jam & honey

Jam, marmelade, honey, honey based natural products


Fruits conserves, vegetable conserves, fish conserves
iberselect_food_group_And so many others

And so many others

Readymade dishes, snacks, soups, coffee, cacao, nuts, spices, almonds